Instagram To Beat Snapchat, Twitter, With 1 Billion Users

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Instagram is projected to reach 1 billion users by the first week of January, outdoing Twitter and Snapchat. The photo-sharing app is fast gaining users because of features such as Stories and improved messaging functionality.

Influencer marketing company Mediamix projects that Instagram will reach a billion users by Jan. 5 or even earlier. According to its forecast, the photo-sharing app has added 653,595 users per day in the past 5 months.

The forecast was done by analyzing Instagram's user growth patterns using a logarithmic function for the projection. The researchers did not take into consideration, the data before Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, but only the data from July 2012 to September 2017. According to the prediction, Instagram will be growing at an increasing rate in the coming months. While the growth from 300 million to 400 million users took 286 days, the growth from 600 million to 700 million users took only 126 days. The analysts predict that it will take about 100 days for Instagram to grow from 800 million to 1 billion users.

The platform is massively outperforming its rivals — Twitter and Snapchat. While Instagram currently stands at more than 800 million users, Snapchat is at 178 million and Twitter is at 330 million users. While Instagram is expected to cross 1 billion users soon, Snapchat, according to Goldman Sachs is projected to reach 221 million users by the end of 2018 and Twitter is expected to cross only 400 million users in the same period, according to Mashable.

If everything goes as predicted, Instagram will become Facebook's fourth social media application after the Facebook app, Messenger app and WhatsApp.

One of the reasons cited for the growth of the photo-sharing platform is that it acts as a complement to Facebook's 2 billion users-strong network. You can connect Instagram to Facebook and share photos and posts from the photo-sharing site to Facebook. This cross-posting of Stories and posts exposes even users who use only Facebook to using Instagram.

Instagram has also grown as an advertising platform and currently services 2 million advertisers. Unlike Facebook, in which ads run on the sidelines of the main news feed, Instagram provides brands a platform where they can target users more specifically using techniques such as native advertising i.e. sponsored ads and influencer marketing — advertising using Instagrammers with large fan bases.

In these ways, Instagram gives brands a different advertising platform as well as a platform for implementing innovative social media strategies as an alternative to traditional ways and avenues of marketing.

It also gives users more engaging content to look at, but not devote as much attention to as Snapchat — users can quickly scroll through images and stop at the one they like. This makes it more appealing to users.

Instagram seems to have paid out its price to Facebook — it was acquired for a billion dollars and now it is reaching a billion users.

Advertising in social networks has a more positive image than in the media

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Advertising in social networks has a more positive image than in the media, in 23% of cases, after viewing branded posts, users go to the search for goods in the store and buy it. Such conclusions were reached by Mediascope analysts, carrying out a joint research with PRT Edelman Affiliate study of integration of brands in blogger content.

Also after contact with the branded content, on average 29% of the survey participants began to look for information about the product or told about it to friends, and 24% reposted or went through the link specified in the post.
Gleb Sahrai, CEO of PRT EdelmanAffiliate:

"We really liked the percentage of conversion to sales. Even with such a sample, these are pretty impressive figures, which can not but rejoice. This means that a competent blogger native can sell. "In general, advertising in blogs and social networks is perceived by users rather positively - it is more interesting, more visible and trusted more.
83% of the interviewed respondents understand that bloggers promote only those brands for which they were paid by advertisers.66% said they would learn from blogs about the latest news and fashion trends.50% believe that the recommendations of bloggers help determine the choice of goods and services.48% are sure that bloggers recommend only those products and services that they like.

The study involved 702 men and women, Internet users, residents of the cities of the Russian Federation with a population of 100 or more thousand people aged 14-45 who watched or read blogs on YouTube and Instagram for the last 3 months. The method of conducting the survey is an online survey. Interviews were held in September 2017.

YouTube has detected a bug that allows users to cheat views

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YouTube users found a bug that allows you to twist views of videos and display them in the top.

To use the loophole, you need to create a playlist with two videos on YouTube. In the first place you can put any video, and on the second - the video for which you need to wind your views. When embedding a playlist on a site, you can change the code by setting the start time in the first clip to the last second. The autoplay = 1 auto play option is set in the playlist, in which YouTube does not include views. However, because of the bug, this rule applies only to the first video, and viewing the second YouTube already counts.

The resulting playlists are embedded on the sites in the form of invisible frames. There they are played in the background and without sound all the time, while the user remains on the page.

In August, one user has already complained about using this scheme to support YouTube. In it, the author described in detail the principle of the operation of one of the services for creating such frames and listed the negative consequences of their use: creating an irrelevant video collection, inconvenience to users and damage to advertisers.
Google did not respond to our request. The complaint was received in August that the information was transferred to the engineers.

Let's remind, that in July in Google AdWords service the error which allows all interested persons to show advertising banners for free on Google media platforms all over the world has been found out.

Apple introduced iPhone X

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Apple introduced the iPhone X with a borderless screen.

The smartphone received a 5.8-inch OLED display, which occupies virtually the entire front panel. It has a resolution of 2436 by 1125 points. In the upper part of the front panel there is a slit under the speakerphone, front camera and sensors.

To unlock in Apple, they developed Face Detection Technology. The company claims that this is the safest way to protect and iPhone X is virtually impossible to crack. You can also make payments using Face ID, since it has Apple Pay support.

Both main camera modules got optical stabilization, like the Samsung Galaxy Note8. The main sensor has an aperture of f / 1.8, and the second with a dual zoom-f / 2.4. For iPhone 8, these figures are f / 1.8 and f / 2.8, respectively. A dual frontal camera can also take pictures in portrait mode with a blurred background. Like the iPhone 8, the "jubilee" iPhone got a wireless charge.

The smartphone will only be available in versions of 64 and 256 gigabytes at a price of thousands of dollars. The start of sales is scheduled for November 3.

Facebook has copied Live Stories and Boomerang to Instagram

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Facebook added new camera functions to its application, reminiscent of those that are already available in Instagram.

Live Stories

Now, if the video has been broadcast through the built-in Facebook camera or a window to create posts, it will by default be published in the Story section and the news feed. In this case, the author of the broadcast will be able to control where it can appear - and in the tape, and in the stories or only in one of these places.


The updated Facebook camera now allows you to shoot two-second looped videos reminiscent of Boomerang in Instagram. In the social network application, these videos are positioned as GIF.
Another innovation was the possibility of publishing text posts with a color background.
Both GIF and posts of the new format can be shared in the news line, in Story or through private messages.
Recall that Facebook launched "Stories" - an analog of Instagram Stories - for all users in March this year.

Facebook became the social network number 1 in Ukraine

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In June, the social network Facebook for the first time bypassed the attendance of VKontakte in Ukraine. This is reported by, with reference to the data of the annual Internet audience survey conducted by Factum Group Ukraine.

Until recently the leading social network among Ukrainian users was VKontakte, and Facebook hardly got into the top 5, now VKontakte occupies the fourth line of the rating on the average daily share and the eighth - by coverage. Such a collapse occurred after the imposition of sanctions against Russian companies.

The dynamics of the Russian social networks in June showed a sharp drop in coverage: by 26 percentage points in the VKontakte and 21 at the Odnoklassniki. As a result, despite the fact that the audience of Facebook has grown by only 5 percentage points since April, a severe drop in the coverage of other networks has allowed it to come first. It is not necessary to say that the audience of VKontakte and Odnoklassniki completely switched to Facebook. A sharp decrease in the audience is observed in the Russian search services Yandex and Mail.Ru.

Let's remind, on June, 1 the company Group has closed its Ukrainian division, underlining that against the background of sanctions, the work of the company's representative office in the Ukrainian market is meaningless. And on June 2, the work of the Ukrainian offices of Yandex in Kiev and Odessa was discontinued.

International Day of the blogger: what you need to know about the holiday

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On June 14, the world celebrates International Day of the blogger.

This holiday appeared in 2004. The idea of its creation was offered by an American student from Stanford. The guy posted on his website a proposal for the foundation of the Day of the blogger. Then over 500 people from more than 40 countries supported this idea.

In 2004, the holiday was celebrated on June 9, but from next year they started celebrating on June 14. Day of the blogger was created in order to maintain friendly relations between network users from all over the world.

The very concept of a blog comes from an English blog, that is, an online magazine or diary, where the user adds his notes, photos or videos. But unlike personal data, all the information of the blog is open. In addition, the blogger himself often encourages users to comment on his post by starting a discussion.

Also on June 14, bloggers often meet with their colleagues. But there are also various events related to subscribers, that is, readers. On this day, network users can interact with bloggers live. By the way, festivals and various events have already become popular, where only bloggers gather.

In addition, on Day of the blogger the contest for the best blog "Best of Blogs" was founded. The organizer of the contest was the publication.

We add that the first blogger can be considered American Tim Burns-Lee. The man in 1992 created a simple web page for posting news.

The first company that created a platform for blogs, was Pyra Labs with an office in San Francisco. The site is called Today, this portal is part of Google.

Note that in the world there is a similar Day of Blog (Blog Day), which is celebrated on August 31. Traditionally on this day the blogger posts on his page links to other blogs devoted to various topics. This is done so that bloggers introduce their readers to their colleagues from other countries.

By the way, August 31 was chosen for good reason. At the founding of this holiday in 2005, its founders considered that the word blog is comparable to figures 3108, which means the last month of the summer.

Comparison of VK, Classmates and Facebook audience before and after blocking in Ukraine

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After the introduction of sanctions against Russian Internet resources on the territory of Ukraine, the audience of decreased by 1.9 million users. According to Gemius Ukraine, before the ban on the site, the site covered 38.1% of all users of the honeet for the week, after the ban - 28.0%. Mail.Ru lost more users - 2.5 million: from May 8 to 14 the portal was visited by 31.7% of the weekly audience of the Ukrainian network, and from 22 to 28 May - 18.6%.

The share of users of blocked social networks also decreased: VKontakte lost 3.7 million users on PCs, and Classmates - 2.6 million. Prior to the introduction of sanctions, VKontakte covered 50.5% of visitors, and in just a week the coverage of the audience was reduced to 30.8% . We recall that earlier this resource occupied the leading positions in the market and was the most visited social network of the country.

The reach of the audience on Odnoklassniki fell from 22.3% to 8.5%.

The introduction of sanctions against Russian Internet resources positively affected Facebook. The weekly audience of the network before the ban of Russian resources was 5.3 million users (coverage 28.5%), and after blocking it grew by 2.2 million. From May 22 to May 28, the social network was visited by 7.5 million Ukrainians - 40% of all Internet.

The activity of advertisers in blocked social networks has decreased. The biggest decline in audience coverage for video advertising is observed in VKontakte - by 92% (2.17 million users). In Odnoklassniki from May 22 to May 28, video advertising captured 400,000 users, which is 77% less than a week before the ban on resources.
Video advertising on Facebook reached more audiences, however, the growth rates of advertisers' activity are less rapid - the share of the audience reached increased by 30%.

The audience's coverage of video advertising on declined by 72.8%, Mail.Ru - by 34.3%.
Recall, May 15, a decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko imposed sanctions against Russian companies and their Ukrainian partners. More than a dozen of them are related to IT: Yandex,, Doctor Web, etc. Several distributors of 1C products, as well as social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, got into the same sanctions list.

15 effective methods of promotion of the group in Facebook

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1) One of the most effective methods of attracting users to the Facebook page strangely still is the invitation of friends. We will be happy if your friends are so much that they will bring the number of users of the group to 5000 people - the maximum number of participants on the page or in the group. And if you do not have enough, then the subscription of subscribers will help you.

2) An important tool for attracting users to the group is your website or blog. A simple widget on it can do you a good service, especially if your corporate site is already popular. Many experts recommend carefully studying the feedback on widgets before installing on the site due to their wide variety.

3) Contextual or cross-advertising on Facebook - very effective, but, unfortunately, not a free tool for promotion of the Facebook group. Due to precise targeting (the settings for displaying advertisements to those people who, in your opinion, are most interested in it), advertising will be delivered only to your target audience. One of the complicating circumstances is not a very convenient and rather complicated payment method and settings.

4) Promotion of the group on Facebook by way of invitation to the page by the principle of barter or for a fee: if you find a person who is the leader of the opinion or adherent of a subject close to you and he has a large number of people, boldly agree with him about sending invitations to his subscribers. This can be done in exchange for an equivalent service or for money.

5) Another tricky way: promotion with the help of third-party accounts. The method is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of time. The main point: the more, the better. For this purpose, several accounts are being created on Facebook, other services are connected, social networks (VKontakte, Twitter, Classmates, etc.), bloggers and opinion leaders, they are going to like the likes and news, all new people are connected, which can later be invited to the main community.

6) Promotion through other services: if your business is not indifferent to beautiful illustrations, you can connect accounts on such new, interesting services, like Instagram or Pinterest. By placing photos on them, you can send users of these resources not to the site, but to the Facebook community page.
7) If you have a lot of friends, who does not care, just keep quiet or make a post of the community publications yourself.

8) Connect Twitter - relaying messages to the microblogging service will reduce the load on you if you do not have time to work with the resource directly (which, of course, is not very good for your Twitter account), but will enable readers to post on the social network Mark Zuckerberg.

9) An important way to promote a strict content-policy. Without it, no page will survive. Identify the interests of users, mix entertaining, serious, useful, important, factual and other types of information in the right proportions, and also watch the time of placement of posts.

10) You can enter in the "ration" of the page holding contests, quizzes. Good help to stir the audience different types of polls polls. For example, what should I wear today. Let's understand that you are really interested in these people.

11) An important part of the "involvement in the online game" is to encourage the right actions: answered the question - put a kid, made a repost - thank you, wrote a comment - answer and cheer!

12) Make your page useful for the reader: lay out various tips, expert opinions, share useful information, add educational video clips, share the news of the industry. PR, and not direct advertising - that's success in working with opinions. Experiment with a variety of content and analyze the reaction of your readers to it. Try to visualize the content: users will respond to images and video clips rather than to the big boring text.

13) Game "question-answer": whatever you promote on your page - product, service, company or person - your clients will surely have a lot of questions. Ask the customers to ask questions on your page and regularly answer them, share the comments of specialists. If there are not enough questions, initiate them. Activate your communications online!

14) Do not forget: the most important rule in the promotion of the page is interactive communication with its participants. Watch out for user reactions. Liked the photo - do the same tomorrow, few likes - analyze why this could happen. And so on. You can even ask direct questions: what did not like or thank for a large number of likes.

15) No matter how great the temptation to resort to "black" methods of promotion with the help of "bots", we do not recommend this to you. Risks when using this method are greater than the possible benefits. Be sincere and grateful, users will appreciate it!

In Ukraine, banned Russian social networks "VKontakte" and "Classmates", as well as all the services of "Yandex"

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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on new sanctions against Russia, which include, in particular, blocking access to social networks "VKontakte" and "Odnoklassniki", as well as all services of "Yandex". The text of the decree is published on the official website of the head of state.

The decree obliges Ukrainian Internet providers and telecom operators to block access to Russian social networks "Odnoklassnikam" and "VKontakte". Access to social networks is blocked within the limits imposed on Mail.Ru Group. Providers will also have to block access to the website itself.

In the case of "Yandex" it is a question of blocking all Internet services of the company and the main page of the search engine, as well as their Ukrainian versions. In particular, the restrictions will affect the Yandex mail client, Yandex.Money, Yandex.Taxy, Yandex.Maps, Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Browser, Yandex.Photo sites.

Also, there is a blocking of the sites of Kaspersky Lab's anti-virus companies and DrWeb. Sanctions also affected media companies: VGTRK, NTV-Plus, TV Center, RBC, TNT, Zvezda and Ren TV.

In total, 468 organizations and 1228 individuals were included in the sanctions list. The decree of the President of Ukraine comes into force from the moment of publication, on May 15. The term of sanctions for these IT companies is three years.