15 effective methods of promotion of the group in Facebook

by Administrator UpSocial

1) One of the most effective methods of attracting users to the Facebook page strangely still is the invitation of friends. We will be happy if your friends are so much that they will bring the number of users of the group to 5000 people - the maximum number of participants on the page or in the group. And if you do not have enough, then the subscription of subscribers will help you.

2) An important tool for attracting users to the group is your website or blog. A simple widget on it can do you a good service, especially if your corporate site is already popular. Many experts recommend carefully studying the feedback on widgets before installing on the site due to their wide variety.

3) Contextual or cross-advertising on Facebook - very effective, but, unfortunately, not a free tool for promotion of the Facebook group. Due to precise targeting (the settings for displaying advertisements to those people who, in your opinion, are most interested in it), advertising will be delivered only to your target audience. One of the complicating circumstances is not a very convenient and rather complicated payment method and settings.

4) Promotion of the group on Facebook by way of invitation to the page by the principle of barter or for a fee: if you find a person who is the leader of the opinion or adherent of a subject close to you and he has a large number of people, boldly agree with him about sending invitations to his subscribers. This can be done in exchange for an equivalent service or for money.

5) Another tricky way: promotion with the help of third-party accounts. The method is quite time-consuming and requires a lot of time. The main point: the more, the better. For this purpose, several accounts are being created on Facebook, other services are connected, social networks (VKontakte, Twitter, Classmates, etc.), bloggers and opinion leaders, they are going to like the likes and news, all new people are connected, which can later be invited to the main community.

6) Promotion through other services: if your business is not indifferent to beautiful illustrations, you can connect accounts on such new, interesting services, like Instagram or Pinterest. By placing photos on them, you can send users of these resources not to the site, but to the Facebook community page.
7) If you have a lot of friends, who does not care, just keep quiet or make a post of the community publications yourself.

8) Connect Twitter - relaying messages to the microblogging service will reduce the load on you if you do not have time to work with the resource directly (which, of course, is not very good for your Twitter account), but will enable readers to post on the social network Mark Zuckerberg.

9) An important way to promote a strict content-policy. Without it, no page will survive. Identify the interests of users, mix entertaining, serious, useful, important, factual and other types of information in the right proportions, and also watch the time of placement of posts.

10) You can enter in the "ration" of the page holding contests, quizzes. Good help to stir the audience different types of polls polls. For example, what should I wear today. Let's understand that you are really interested in these people.

11) An important part of the "involvement in the online game" is to encourage the right actions: answered the question - put a kid, made a repost - thank you, wrote a comment - answer and cheer!

12) Make your page useful for the reader: lay out various tips, expert opinions, share useful information, add educational video clips, share the news of the industry. PR, and not direct advertising - that's success in working with opinions. Experiment with a variety of content and analyze the reaction of your readers to it. Try to visualize the content: users will respond to images and video clips rather than to the big boring text.

13) Game "question-answer": whatever you promote on your page - product, service, company or person - your clients will surely have a lot of questions. Ask the customers to ask questions on your page and regularly answer them, share the comments of specialists. If there are not enough questions, initiate them. Activate your communications online!

14) Do not forget: the most important rule in the promotion of the page is interactive communication with its participants. Watch out for user reactions. Liked the photo - do the same tomorrow, few likes - analyze why this could happen. And so on. You can even ask direct questions: what did not like or thank for a large number of likes.

15) No matter how great the temptation to resort to "black" methods of promotion with the help of "bots", we do not recommend this to you. Risks when using this method are greater than the possible benefits. Be sincere and grateful, users will appreciate it!


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