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7 basic principles how to promote channel on YouTube


The first principle of promoting the Youtube channel is quality content

You should only publish useful videos on your channel that will be of interest to your target audience. It is desirable that every video that you upload to the channel, solve some problem that the user is looking for.
If you decide to make a video, do not save on useful information. Do not hide any "secret chips", do not give them so that the user after watching your video did not go and did not look for video for the same request.
Believe it will pay for itself, as, I judge by the experience, the video is more useful the more subscribers from it subscribe to your YouTube channel. Therefore, quality content is always the key to success. So it was and will be.

Make a call to action

A call to action should be in every video you upload on the channel. Tell me honestly, you have this: you went to YouTube to watch some video, one thing, after that the similar ones switched to the second, to the third, in the end you look through several videos in a row?
I think with all this happens. This is a very smart marketing step by YouTube, which allows you to detain a user on their website. But for authors, the problem is that after you have watched one video, and switched to viewing the second, it's natural about the first video and about its author, you forget and will not return to it any more.
Therefore, the call to action to subscribe to your channel, you must keep the user and prevent him from moving to the next video, or at least motivate to subscribe to your channel and then release him already further. Since a large number of subscribers on the channel helps to promote the video in the search.
Because without this call to subscribe to your channel, 95% of users will simply go to the next video. And your task is to make the user your subscriber.
A call to action must consist of two parts:
What should be done?
For what it is necessary to make?
What should be done? - subscribe to the channel.
For what it is necessary to make? - options can be mass.
For example, subscribe to the channel, so as not to miss the next video, or subscribe to the channel and get a discount on all products in our store (if this channel belongs to the online store). Or subscribe to the channel, so as not to be a radish.
That is, you need to select a call to action, according to the audience for which your videos are intended. But remember, the call to action should be in every your video. On this depends largely on the number of your subscribers on the channel.

The third principle of the promotion of the YouTube channel is the design of your channelThe design of the channel is very important. Since the banner is the first thing a user sees when he visits the main page of your YouTube channel.
The design of the channel must necessarily correspond to the subject of the video, which you place on your channel.
For example, if you are an infobusiness person, you are selling personal growth trainings, consulting, and you have ladybugs on the banner, the image is naturally formed, that this channel will not bring much benefit to me and naturally the user will move on without delaying on your channel, and so will no longer subscribe.
So do not be stingy, order a banner on freelance, let you make it a freelancer. It will cost you only 100-200 rubles, but it's worth it.

Also, if you are a blogger and use the channel as the maintenance of your personal blog, or you are an infobusiness person and promote your face, your name, be sure to place your photo on the banner.
And remember, the banner should display the subject of your videos, which you place on your channel. That is, the theme of your YouTube channel.
If you do not agree with me, then I ask you. Do you often subscribe to channels that do not have a banner? (you can write the answer in the comments)

The fourth principle is to use music in your videosVideo with quiet music in the background is much more pleasant to watch than video without it. Especially if you make some podcasts, shoot video from the screen, explain something, be sure to put quiet music in the background. YouTube's audio library will help you.
Firstly, it relaxes a little, and helps to perceive content better. Secondly, at the psychological level, it causes a more loyal attitude to you from the user.

But do not make the music too loud. Because in this case, users just do not hear you and quietly cursed themselves. Take care of your karma.
The fifth principle, how to untwist the channel on YouTube, is regularityIt is necessary to upload your videos to the channel regularly. This is due to several factors.
We all know that YouTube loves when the channel is filled with video regularly. That is, he sees that some actions are taking place with the channel, the channel is being watched, a new video is being uploaded to the channel.
The second factor is related to your subscribers. If you upload videos to the channel regularly, and accordingly subscribers begin to visit you regularly. They are developed, systematic and this allows you to increase the views on your videos.

It is very important to inform subscribers on what days of the week you will upload your videos. I, for example, flood every Tuesday and Thursday. As practice shows, the optimal number of videos uploaded to the channel from one to three a week.
But one video per week you must download necessarily.

The sixth principle is the use of annotationsDo not be lazy to make an annotation button subscribe to all of your videos. This button works well. First, it attracts attention, is a hidden call to action. Secondly, it helps to subscribe to your channel to those users who watch your videos not on YouTube itself, but on other resources. Since on other resources, the buttons subscribe, there is no video for the video.

Also, use annotations to your other videos and your playlists. This will help increase the number of video views and increase the percentage of channel subscriptions to users who will view your videos.
Since, accordingly, the more the user views the video, the more naturally, it is more likely that he will subscribe to your YouTube channel.

The seventh principle, how to untwist the channel on YouTube, is video optimizationOptimizing video is one of the most important principles and methods that help you develop your YouTube channel.
In detail how to optimize tags, description, video title and other metadata, I already told you in my videos on the channel and in the articles on this blog. All of them you can see by going to the section "Video Optimization".
Now on low-frequency requests in YouTube, correctly optimizing your video, you can without any advance, go already to the top.

Of course, on low-frequency requests, traffic is not large. But still, if you remove not one, but 10-20 videos, from each video a little bit, and you'll notice how the total traffic to your channel, the number of views and the number of subscribers on the YouTube channel will naturally increase.
Therefore, you need to take seriously the video to be an opimizer.
And in the end I want to say that the only strategy for the development of the channel does not exist. Everything depends on you.

I only give you the methods that I use myself, and that helped me to develop my channel.
So if you have any ideas, write them in the comments below. It will be very interesting for me to read. And for other users, this information will also be very interesting.

I wish you success in the development of your channel.

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