The number of active users of Instagram has exceeded 700 million

by Administrator UpSocial

The active monthly audience of Facebook's social network of Instagram video service exceeded the 700 million mark, increasing by 100 million faster than ever. A message about this was published in the blog Instagram.

As recalled by The Verge, the service, established in October 2010, reached 100 million active users only in February 2013, and the 200 million mark was overcome in March 2014. Since then, the active audience of Instagram has increased by 100 million every nine months until December last year, when the service reported on overcoming the 600 million users mark six months after its audience exceeded half a billion. Now it took only four months to reach the next milestone.

Note that the other day the developers of Instagram released an updated version of the application for Android, which supports a number of functions in the offline mode. The appearance of such functionality, which is planned to expand, should increase the popularity of the service among users from countries and regions with limited access to the Internet, and we can assume that the next 100 million users will fill the Instagram audience even faster.


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