Facebook has copied Live Stories and Boomerang to Instagram

by Administrator UpSocial

Facebook added new camera functions to its application, reminiscent of those that are already available in Instagram.

Live Stories

Now, if the video has been broadcast through the built-in Facebook camera or a window to create posts, it will by default be published in the Story section and the news feed. In this case, the author of the broadcast will be able to control where it can appear - and in the tape, and in the stories or only in one of these places.


The updated Facebook camera now allows you to shoot two-second looped videos reminiscent of Boomerang in Instagram. In the social network application, these videos are positioned as GIF.
Another innovation was the possibility of publishing text posts with a color background.
Both GIF and posts of the new format can be shared in the news line, in Story or through private messages.
Recall that Facebook launched "Stories" - an analog of Instagram Stories - for all users in March this year.


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