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How to make a cool video for YouTube

Table of contents
  1. Decide who you are shooting this for
  2. Demographics
  3. Geography
  4. Social status
  5. Interests
  6. Define a goal
  7. Research your competitors
  8. Use trends
  9. Shorts
  10. Hints
  11. Automatic subtitles
  12. Script Ideas
  13. Miniseries as pre-streams
  14. Parodies
  15. Dance Advertising
  16. Shooting
  17. Location selection
  18. Cast ing actors
  19. Shooting process
  20. Postproduction
  21. Professional Video Editor
  22. Vegas PRO
  23. DaVinci Resolve
  24. Software for beginners and intermediate users
  25. video editing
  26. video show
  27. Summarizing

According to statistics from UpSocial, in 2021, 86% of marketers said video content helped businesses increase traffic to sites. At the same time, 85% of users stated that they would rather watch the video than read the text. Considering that YouTube is the second most popular platform in the world (after Google), it is definitely worth hosting here.

I'll show you how to create YouTube videos on a limited budget: where to start, where to get ideas, and how to save on editing costs. If your ad needs to be released urgently, you can read How to Make Cool YouTube Videos in 10 Minutes in this article.

Decide who you are shooting this for

A universal question that starts any marketing strategy. When I see who I am selling my product to, it is easier for me to establish communication and help the person solve his problem. I don’t talk to everyone, but I work with those who are potentially interested. This saves the advertising budget and helps to bring the manufacturer and the buyer together faster.

I build a portrait of the target audience based on four characteristics:


Gender, age - let's start with this. Marital status: not always important. For example, once we were preparing a video for a top manicurist. It didn't matter to us if the girls and women who could see this advertisement were married, but the age was taken into account strictly from 18 years old. If the master accepts a minor, he may have problems - some manipulations with the cuticle are equated to a medical procedure.


It plays a role in which region, city or village the potential viewer lives. Let's say we are looking for employees all over the country for a meat processing plant that produces pork sausage.

Social status

Let's think about how successful our client is, how educated and how he estimates his income. It is logical that offering a premium-segment product to a teacher with a salary of 17,000 would be a mockery, and we will embarrass a successful businessman if we offer him a chicken for a promotion.


I like to create portraits, focusing on the psychotype of the consumer. There are only 6 psychotypes: careerist, philistine, innovator, intellectual, hedonist, imitator. Each of them has different values, habits, forms of leisure, and they are attracted by completely different things. These people will also hold attention in different ways. This affects the timing of the video:

  • For a careerist, always in a hurry, we use a laconic 15-second advertisement.
  • An ordinary person and an intellectual can cope with a one-minute video.
  • For other groups, we take the average. According to the World Center for Advertising Research, ads lasting 30 seconds are effective.

Define a goal

What business problem do we want to solve? Personally, why do we need this video? We need a clear and unambiguous answer. This will keep you on track when creating YouTube commercials and will help you frame your CTA correctly. The call to action can be attached to the video in the form of a hint (we will describe how this is done later).

So, what are the goals?

  • Increase personal brand awareness. Experts from various fields are actively developing their blogs on YouTube - marketers, designers, fitness instructors, product reviewers, psychologists, etc. An example of a CTA for a video ending: subscribe to a channel, get a repost checklist.
  • Drive traffic to your company's website or social networks. Relevant for any niche. Examples of CTA: go to the site, more reviews in the Telegram channel, we are on Instagram.
  • Strengthen your position among a loyal audience or remind yourself of yourself. Essentially, this is building a community within a brand. Suitable for medium and large businesses. Examples of CTAs: put a question to an expert, join us on social networks, add to the VIP chat.
  • Increase sales. Use YouTube if you run an online store, do handmade goods (toys, designer clothes, cosmetics, etc.), Promote your account on the marketplace. Examples of CTAs: go to the website, view the catalog, get a 15% discount, order a free sample.

Research your competitors

When the goals are determined, we go to look at the competitors. We will find out who is our direct competitor for the viewer's attention, and collect statistics on channels. You can search for competitors with a hashtag, through a search query, or services such as Popsters and Livedune.

The best players in your niche can teach you a lot

What information is useful?

  • Dynamics of channel development. Helps understand what content is in demand. On the best channels, you can collect references by formats, plots, emotions, fonts for dice. You can even shoot similar videos, but you have to add more value and entertainment to your videos.
  • Successful and failed content. We analyze which topics and formats the audience reacts more actively to. We carefully read negative comments to determine what the author of the video did wrong, and do not repeat his mistakes.
  • Keywords. Let's see which tags work best and use them in our own video descriptions.

Use trends

There are a number of popular tricks that will help to bring the video into the recommendation.


In 2021, YouTube launched a service of short videos up to 1 minute in length, similar to those from TikTok. They come out in a separate tape, you can use it favorably for promotion. We also have a high distribution rate of the service: if in a regular feed, viewers watch a video for 20 minutes in Shorts, they will have time to watch 20-30 videos in the same time. An example of a successful case is the Jake Fellman channel, which appeared in October 2020. With the help of Shorts, the account has grown to 7,460,000 subscribers in just a year.


We attach tips to the videos to YouTube Creative Studio. These are special messages that float on top of the video and make it interactive. Using tips, you can promote products and services, advertise the channel and other publications in your account. The effectiveness of the tool is tracked in the statistics section.

In the form of pop-up messages, place

  • links to sites and social networks;
  • links to our other channels;
  • poll.

Be sure to attach a call to action to the tooltip - the examples of phrases were above. If the user doesn't click on the prompt message, it will disappear.

Automatic subtitles

To make it easier to perceive the promo video and it was understandable even without sound, we use subtitles. They can be connected through Creative Studio (Advanced Settings tab). Using a special algorithm, video hosting recognizes the language and displays it as text on the screen. Subtitles keep those who are currently traveling on public transport, in a crowded noisy place, or hearing impaired due to physical disabilities.

Script Ideas

I will not consider the standard scenarios "on behalf of the buyer", "image production video", etc. You have probably heard about them anyway. Here are some off-the-shelf ad ideas you want to click on

Miniseries as pre-streams

Preroll is a short commercial that is shown at the beginning of the main video. A series can consist of several independent clips, within which small stories take place.

Another option is to collect pre-rolls into a movie.


The idea is to use a plot or a reference to one of the high-profile movies, TV series or popular videos on the Internet. This, for example, was done by creative advertisers from Air New Zealand. They took some elves, hobbits, added a pilot similar to Gandalf the Gray, and now a video about safety rules during the flight will be watched even by those who are not going to fly anywhere.

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #AirNZSafetyVideo

Dance Advertising

Popular on TikTok and Reels Instagram, Dance Challenges are gaining millions of viewers, and these trends can be used in advertising. In general, the dances look easy and get good reviews. And some become real hits, such as Hugh Jackman's dance impromptu in Lipton's ad

Lipton Ice Tea Ad: Hugh Jackman - Tokyo Dancing Hotel


How to make a YouTube or Instagram advertising video if the shooting budget is limited?

Location selection

If renting a chroma key pavilion is not affordable, it can be reproduced in any interior studio or office. You just need to hang the walls with a green canvas. This is the perfect backdrop to replace the background during the editing phase. Advertising Vines, dances and TV shows can be filmed outdoors, in a cafe or at home.

Shooting a fragment of an image video in the company's office

Cast ing actors

In the theatrical universities of the country, there are many who want to appear at least somewhere. Contact the management of the educational institution to start cooperation. You can also use Internet resources with actors' bases -, VseKastings, etc.

There will always be those who want to take part in the filming

Shooting process

Define a shooting schedule, a list of required equipment and options for its transportation. In conditions when you need to save as much as possible, you can shoot with a mobile phone. Modern smartphones can record videos in HD, stabilize the picture automatically and do an excellent job even with night shooting. It will be possible to add brightness and remove image defects later, at the editing stage.

Mount your phone on a tripod when working alone


You need to look at the footage, choose good takes and put everything together correctly. Let's take a look at a few PC programs where this can be done. I advise you to work on materials on a computer, as it is easier to see the drawbacks of recording on a large monitor. In addition, the dedicated software contains more editing tools than mobile editors.

Professional Video Editor

Powerful programs in which you can edit ads of any complexity. They are demanding on a computer and cost a lot of money, but if you are going to fill the video with cool special effects and deeply work out each of the audio tracks, you cannot do without them.

Vegas PRO

A feature of the program can be called the improved Boris FX Primatte Studio chroma key, which corrects uneven screens and accurately tracks objects in the frame. The program can work with an unlimited number of audio and video tracks, use a library with 800+ effects, customize scripts.

DaVinci Resolve

A well-known video editor in the American film industry, which was used in the editing of "The Avengers" and "Terminator Genesis". Particularly successful is the Fusion module, which is responsible for special effects. With the Fairlight audio editors built into the system, you can enhance the phonogram, rework the voice acting and apply dozens of more professional audio systems.

Software for beginners and intermediate users

If the computer does not run professional software, and the interface of the editors seems complicated, here are the simpler options. These programs are completely Russified, understandable from the first minutes, but at the same time, they are functional enough to cope with replacing the background or voice acting.

video editing

Works on all popular versions of Windows, helps to remove unnecessary clips from the video and can record from a webcam. Allows you to change transitions between scenes, superimpose subtitles, opening and ending screensavers. The audio collection contains over 200 songs with an open license, not banned on YouTube. But you can add your own music from your computer and record voice comments through the microphone.

video show

Another easy option to create a high-quality advertising video even without editing skills. In addition to the built-in directories of titles, music and transitions, the application contains options for professional video processing - chroma key, 3D text overlay, work with layers, masks.

The editor treats parts of the movie as slides, in which you can fine-tune all the animation used. It is easy to adjust the movement of any element through keyframes - each new "keyword" is assigned its own position, rotation, shadows. Read about all the features of the program on the video editor's website.


To make a quality YouTube video remember:

  1. Advertising should tell how the product or service will solve the problem of the audience.
  2. Advertising should be personalized - for a specific category of people.
  3. Advertising should have a specific goal - to sell, keep, create traffic.
  4. Brothers ideas from competitors are not ashamed. The main thing is to do better than them.
  5. Trends are working. Study them.
  6. Use creative scenarios.
  7. It is expensive to order installation from others. Choose a video editor and edit videos yourself.

But if the video needs to be promoted here and now, order real views from the UpSocial service.

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