International Day of the blogger: what you need to know about the holiday

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On June 14, the world celebrates International Day of the blogger.

This holiday appeared in 2004. The idea of its creation was offered by an American student from Stanford. The guy posted on his website a proposal for the foundation of the Day of the blogger. Then over 500 people from more than 40 countries supported this idea.

In 2004, the holiday was celebrated on June 9, but from next year they started celebrating on June 14. Day of the blogger was created in order to maintain friendly relations between network users from all over the world.

The very concept of a blog comes from an English blog, that is, an online magazine or diary, where the user adds his notes, photos or videos. But unlike personal data, all the information of the blog is open. In addition, the blogger himself often encourages users to comment on his post by starting a discussion.

Also on June 14, bloggers often meet with their colleagues. But there are also various events related to subscribers, that is, readers. On this day, network users can interact with bloggers live. By the way, festivals and various events have already become popular, where only bloggers gather.

In addition, on Day of the blogger the contest for the best blog "Best of Blogs" was founded. The organizer of the contest was the publication.

We add that the first blogger can be considered American Tim Burns-Lee. The man in 1992 created a simple web page for posting news.

The first company that created a platform for blogs, was Pyra Labs with an office in San Francisco. The site is called Today, this portal is part of Google.

Note that in the world there is a similar Day of Blog (Blog Day), which is celebrated on August 31. Traditionally on this day the blogger posts on his page links to other blogs devoted to various topics. This is done so that bloggers introduce their readers to their colleagues from other countries.

By the way, August 31 was chosen for good reason. At the founding of this holiday in 2005, its founders considered that the word blog is comparable to figures 3108, which means the last month of the summer.


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