Limitations in Instagram

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We remember those times when for 2000 likes in an hour nobody "banilas". At the end of 2013 Instagram introduced new rules of the game and there were restrictions (they are the same limits) for the allowed number of actions per hour. By actions we mean huskies, comments, subscriptions and unsubscriptions. For a while, the limits were not disclosed and they literally had to grope.

For what in general what or to limit

Imagine a world in which every your photo receives thousands of likes and comments, and the profile's popularity "grows by leaps and bounds." Paradise! And now imagine that all this activity comes from commercial accounts that do not care about your publications. Their only goal is to sell you something. A sad picture. Can be forbidden to be lazy and comment on everything? Utopia!

In order not to harm users and to temper the ardor of commercial accounts, Instagrams imposed restrictions on all actions within their social network. Restrictions are established in such a way that the average user is unlikely to ever come across them, and the lives of spammers will become more complicated.
Where to watch the current limits

Today, the limits are not a secret for anyone - Instagram publishes them on its official website, in the section for programmers. Here they are

Do not be discouraged if the information on the link seems incomprehensible to you. Firstly, it is not written in your native language, and secondly, it is written for programmers. Yes, and we would not write this article if it was so simple.

Actual limits
At the moment the limits are as follows:
Likes - up to 60 likes in an hour.
Comments - up to 60 comments per hour.
Subscriptions and unsubscribes - up to 60 subscriptions and notes per hour.

On the last actions pay special attention. Instagram gives a limit on subscriptions and unsubscribes together. For 1 hour allowed to make either 60 subscriptions or 60 unsubscriptions. If you want to use both together, you need to distribute the load and make no more than 30 subscriptions and not more than 30 unsubscribe or not more than 10 subscriptions and 50 extracts, that is, in sum, both these actions do not exceed the bar of 60 actions per hour.


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