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The number of active users of Instagram has exceeded 700 million
UpSocial - 04/27/2017

The active monthly audience of Facebook's social network of Instagram video service exceeded the 700 million mark, increasing by 100 million faster than ever. A message about this was published in the blog Instagram....

Limitations in Instagram
UpSocial - 04/25/2017

We remember those times when for 2000 likes in an hour nobody "banilas". At the end of 2013 Instagram introduced new rules of the game and there were restrictions (they are the same limits) for the allowed number of...

Instagram Trends in 2017 for Business
UpSocial - 04/24/2017

6 main trends in Instagram in 2017: Video Content Work on Involvement Decrease in effectiveness of MF / ML Growing value of bloggers Statistics everywhere Development of Instagram Business...

How much does advertising really cost bloggers in Instagram
UpSocial - 04/18/2017

How do you know if the blogger is asking for adequate money for advertising? Where is the price limit, beyond which "quirks and unrealistic queries" begin? To get at least some ground for reflection, it was...

Network of Puffy-Shop zoosalons and their history of the success of business promotion in Instagram
UpSocial - 04/18/2017

Hello! We have been providing pet care since 2009. During the opening hours, 3 salons were opened and 5000 pets were transformed. We specialize in working with dogs, but with a haircut of a cat, too, will help. To...

Direct sales in Instagram. How to make a store.
UpSocial - 04/10/2017

Sales of clothes right in Instagram without leaving the application! Fantastic? Reality! Such a possibility already exists in the US and will continue to move around the world. Find out how to stand in line right...

Today is the International Day of Webmaster
UpSocial - 04/04/2017

​4 апреля отмечается неофициальный профессиональный праздник — День веб-мастера (или Вебмастера).

The number of advertisers in Instagram exceeded 1 million
UpSocial - 03/22/2017

Число рекламодателей в Instagram превысило 1 миллион

5 of the most popular methods of cheating subscribers in the Instagram
UpSocial - 03/12/2017

An account with a large number of followers always attracts the attention of other users and causes respect for its owner. That's why beginners, as well as those who want to sell something through Instagram or just...

How to promote a group in Facebook
UpSocial - 03/02/2017

Facebook is the largest social network used by millions of people from different countries. Promotion of a group in Facebook can effectively influence the promotion of a blog, website, any goods and...