Direct sales in Instagram. How to make a store.

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Sales of clothes right in Instagram without leaving the application! Fantastic? Reality! Such a possibility already exists in the US and will continue to move around the world. Find out how to stand in line right here)Recently, Facebook announced the option to purchase directly through Instagram. Instagram users and brands have been waiting for this for a long time. Users want to find easy and simple ways to find and purchase an interesting product. And brands want to tell the buyer about the product at the very moment when he is interested in their fasting.

Now the option is available only for brands of retail and e-commerce, which are sold in the US and have an English-speaking account. Anyone who falls into this category will be able to mark up to 5 products in the photo using a tool available in the iOS application. This organic feature is a free way for companies to advertise a product without access through the API, so the promotion of posts with tags is not yet available.

To access the option, you must:To sell clothing / jewelry / cosmetics online in the US;be an owner of an English-speaking account, an office located in the US is not needed, since in any case only American buyers see tagsbe the owner of an account with a business profileHere is the waiting list for those who fit all the criteria.

To mark products in the photo in Instagram, you need access to the Shop section or product catalog in Facebook Business Manager with an external link associated with the Instagram account. But to access the tag option, the directory is optional.

Now you can mark the goods only on one static photo. In the near future this option will be available for video and for carousels.

How will it look in the Instagram ribbon?The icon will appear in the photo, indicating that there are marked products in the post. When a user clicks on an image or item mark, he will go to the product information section, from the product photo, description, price and purchase reference, which will lead buyers to the company website. If you mark several items in the post, then the information section can be copied to view several products marked in the post.

Statistics on these posts will also be available soon, so that companies better understand how the audience uses the content and what conversion rate of the new Instagram instrument for purchases.

You can find out more here. In April, this functionality will gradually appear in all approved brands from the waiting list.


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