Advertising in social networks has a more positive image than in the media

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Advertising in social networks has a more positive image than in the media, in 23% of cases, after viewing branded posts, users go to the search for goods in the store and buy it. Such conclusions were reached by Mediascope analysts, carrying out a joint research with PRT Edelman Affiliate study of integration of brands in blogger content.

Also after contact with the branded content, on average 29% of the survey participants began to look for information about the product or told about it to friends, and 24% reposted or went through the link specified in the post.
Gleb Sahrai, CEO of PRT EdelmanAffiliate:

"We really liked the percentage of conversion to sales. Even with such a sample, these are pretty impressive figures, which can not but rejoice. This means that a competent blogger native can sell. "In general, advertising in blogs and social networks is perceived by users rather positively - it is more interesting, more visible and trusted more.
83% of the interviewed respondents understand that bloggers promote only those brands for which they were paid by advertisers.66% said they would learn from blogs about the latest news and fashion trends.50% believe that the recommendations of bloggers help determine the choice of goods and services.48% are sure that bloggers recommend only those products and services that they like.

The study involved 702 men and women, Internet users, residents of the cities of the Russian Federation with a population of 100 or more thousand people aged 14-45 who watched or read blogs on YouTube and Instagram for the last 3 months. The method of conducting the survey is an online survey. Interviews were held in September 2017.


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