Network of Puffy-Shop zoosalons and their history of the success of business promotion in Instagram

by Administrator UpSocial

Hello! We have been providing pet care since 2009. During the opening hours, 3 salons were opened and 5000 pets were transformed. We specialize in working with dogs, but with a haircut of a cat, too, will help.

To promote our services we use standard channels: contextual advertising, promotion in search engines, SMM. Instagram decided to untwist using UpSocial. Our choice fell on this service on the recommendation of friends.
ObjectivesWe immediately identified them as follows: subscriber growth, increased involvement of Central Asia and the receipt of orders through Instagram. At the same time, we did not try to achieve concrete figures. The settings were sorted out quickly: they started with hashtags, since this is the easiest, and after that they connected the search for the audience by accounts to collect subscribers and places (locations). # HeshtegiIn the field "hashtagi" listed 10 breeds of dogs, which are more often cut and diluted with more dotted hashtags: # haircuts, # haircuts.

Accounts for collecting subscribersWe added our competitors in the "accounts" section. Such people scored 20 pcs.
GeolocationIn this section, the physical addresses of our competitors were indicated. The reason is simple - most often the owners take pictures of the "updated" pets in the cabin and upload photos to the network. Find the photo by location and draw attention to our account: like, comment or subscription.

In the filter section: the black list of hashtags and the blacklist of users were not used, but the "maximum actions per user" field was used, because we strongly do not want to be imposed, in the field we put 2 actions.
Results and conclusionsFor 16 months of cooperation, our account has grown from 2 to 17 thousand subscribers, the involvement of the audience has increased and we receive orders every day. On average, 1,500 users watch the video from the video, and under the photo we get 350 likes. The result is satisfied, we plan to further promote our account with UpSocial.


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