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How much does it cost to advertise with bloggers on Instagram?

How do you know if the blogger is asking for adequate money for advertising? Where is the price limit, beyond which "quirks and unrealistic queries" begin? To get at least some ground for reflection, it was decided to conduct a "global market research" in a neutral way - "write to all bloggers immediately." Within three weeks, the top500 Insta bloggers were subjected to careful selection and the letters of happiness flew to direct and to mail. With the results of the study, I propose to read below.
169 of 500 profiles
Where to get the top500 type bloggers in Instagram? In the recently paid, LiveDune service. We take the top in the city, Minsk, which includes many popular profiles from other cities and start calling. Each profile is accurately entered into the Google spreadsheet, and a long wait begins. In total, during the polling of 500 profiles, only 169 got into the sample. Some profiles mistakenly treated Belarus, others were frankly screwed or had less than 3,000 subscribers (that's the minimum set for themselves set at the start), or they were accounts of sports stars, bands and etc. After several failures, I simply began to instigate them. In the dry balance, about 33% out of the top 500 eligible for my request a possible advertiser.
A month after the start of the "research", two mass mailings in direct, to the mail indicated in the profile information, and sending messages to the marked pages in VK, I received an answer only from 96 people. That is, only 56% of active and large Instagram users responded to a potential advertiser and showed interest in additional earnings.
I was sure that large profiles will respond quickly, because treatment for advertising is common for them. At the time of writing, Top5 profiles I did not answer in any of the channels left for communication and promotional offers.
Such results disappoint me, to put it mildly. But even they were extracted by blood and then, than I will detail in a separate material. I'll name it perhaps "5 reasons to hate Insta-bloggers" or "We answer the question with a question. Master Class on communicating with the advertiser in Instagram ". My wolf of spite is filled to the brim and even a little poured. I will say only one thing, be prepared for the fact that approximately one in five will answer your question without asking anyone. I have dialogues from 20-30 mutual messages, among which there is not one answer to my question, and every message from a blogger has a counter question. Very cool.
What is important to bloggers in Instagram
Most of the spit wanted to what interests the advertiser. In the age of active conquest of the cosmos by mankind, any leader of opinions with 10k subscribers in Instagram knows everything ahead of you better than anyone else and will never answer your questions, the crown may fall.

Bloggers do not want to advertise "strange things." Every second will not advertise electronic cigarettes steam generators in its profile. All girls flatly refuse to even name the price for an advertising post about cosmetics, not knowing the manufacturer and the specific commodity position.

The vast majority of middle-bloggers work exclusively on barter and do not know how much money advertising really costs. Some of them do not even want to receive money, only barter. Many people propose to say how much I am willing to pay, and they will decide whether to agree or not. In short: it all looks like an ordinary market, for the first time to bargain ordinary people.
I asked for the cost of placing an advertising post, which the blogger will do directly, i.e. not "stupid" placement of my record, but also my own picture with the product.
How much does it cost to advertise in Instagram with a blogger?
I deduced 2 prices: the average cost of advertising for 1,000 subscribers in the profile and the adequate cost of advertising for 1,000 subscribers.
What is their difference? The average price is calculated by the formula (96 prices for 1,000 subscribers divided by 96), and the name perfectly shows its real value close to zero. The thing is that there are individuals who rolled out a price of $ 50 for advertising in a profile with 4,000 subscribers or $ 100 for 7,500 subscribers + barter goods. The other extreme is the twisted profiles, which they themselves know about it, so they dumped. In some cases, the price was reduced to $ 0.15 per 1,000 subscribers, which is a bust.
Therefore, the more interesting price for us is the adequate cost for 1,000 subscribers. It is calculated through a relatively complex formula with mean, standard deviation and interval values. The regime of the smart almost graduate of the physicist is turned off. This value already shows a more real value without maximum deviations from the "norm".

So, the average price of advertising for 1,000 was $ 2.28.

The adequate cost of advertising for 1,000 subscribers was $ 1.4.

Intermediate result of research of advertising in InstagramI perfectly understand the difference between reality and the average temperature in the hospital. At least half of the bloggers I interviewed, I would not have ordered advertising in my life, it's easier to throw money into the air, even if it's beautiful. A couple of people really interested me for cooperation, but could not provide data on the geography of their audience, because they could not, or did not want to banally. The market is still wild, like forests in Siberia.

And do not rush me to talk about the different cost of the audience in Instagram, in the style of "blogger writing about city stores" vs "public with funny pictures." In the first case, the price will be an order of magnitude greater, but the soil on which we stand must still be. And for advertisers, and for young bloggers who do not know how much to ask for their services.

Everything is relative.

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