Comparison of VK, Classmates and Facebook audience before and after blocking in Ukraine

by Administrator UpSocial

After the introduction of sanctions against Russian Internet resources on the territory of Ukraine, the audience of decreased by 1.9 million users. According to Gemius Ukraine, before the ban on the site, the site covered 38.1% of all users of the honeet for the week, after the ban - 28.0%. Mail.Ru lost more users - 2.5 million: from May 8 to 14 the portal was visited by 31.7% of the weekly audience of the Ukrainian network, and from 22 to 28 May - 18.6%.

The share of users of blocked social networks also decreased: VKontakte lost 3.7 million users on PCs, and Classmates - 2.6 million. Prior to the introduction of sanctions, VKontakte covered 50.5% of visitors, and in just a week the coverage of the audience was reduced to 30.8% . We recall that earlier this resource occupied the leading positions in the market and was the most visited social network of the country.

The reach of the audience on Odnoklassniki fell from 22.3% to 8.5%.

The introduction of sanctions against Russian Internet resources positively affected Facebook. The weekly audience of the network before the ban of Russian resources was 5.3 million users (coverage 28.5%), and after blocking it grew by 2.2 million. From May 22 to May 28, the social network was visited by 7.5 million Ukrainians - 40% of all Internet.

The activity of advertisers in blocked social networks has decreased. The biggest decline in audience coverage for video advertising is observed in VKontakte - by 92% (2.17 million users). In Odnoklassniki from May 22 to May 28, video advertising captured 400,000 users, which is 77% less than a week before the ban on resources.
Video advertising on Facebook reached more audiences, however, the growth rates of advertisers' activity are less rapid - the share of the audience reached increased by 30%.

The audience's coverage of video advertising on declined by 72.8%, Mail.Ru - by 34.3%.
Recall, May 15, a decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko imposed sanctions against Russian companies and their Ukrainian partners. More than a dozen of them are related to IT: Yandex,, Doctor Web, etc. Several distributors of 1C products, as well as social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, got into the same sanctions list.


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