Instagram Trends in 2017 for Business

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instagram trends6 main trends in Instagram in 2017:

Video Content
Work on Involvement
Decrease in effectiveness of MF / ML
Growing value of bloggers
Statistics everywhere
Development of Instagram Business Functionality

If you do not post a video in your Instagram profile - you are acting in vain. The share of video advertising in Instagram for the year increased from 30 to 65%, according to research conducted by Brand Networks.

The video uniquely captures the entire Internet and is projected to occupy up to 80% of all Internet traffic by 2020.
There are rumors that the video is somehow miraculously ranked in the new algorithmic tape Instagram better than the usual photos, but in practice, this is not yet convinced. Just do not forget who currently owns Instagram and how things are with the ranking of the video on Facebook in 2016. A clear priority in the tape and at times most of the posts consist precisely of video. Therefore, we can predict that such innovations will affect Instagram as well.

In Instagram, video is an ever-growing segment, and in 2017 it will take an even larger share. But not any video shot on the phone will be useful to your profile. To the shooting and installation of large brands are very serious, an example from Adidas

What requirements should the video in Instagram respond to:

The videos in Instagram should be interesting from the first seconds;
Dynamics in a long clip is mandatory, otherwise it will be unlikely to look to the end;
When planning to shoot, you should consider that most of the views will occur with the sound turned off. Duplicate the text on the screen;
The maximum length of the video in Instagram is 60 seconds, the minimum is 3;
Consider the format of the survey. With vertical video, the text is almost completely outside the screen, and the horizontal video allows you to read the caption simultaneously while watching the video.

Also there are rumors that the "die with the text" on the roller itself significantly increases the number of interactions.

Work on Involvement

2016 radically changed Instagram, many just did not realize it yet. Algorithmic tape makes business and bloggers focus efforts on content and monitor the quality of their audience. Otherwise, your publications will simply not be seen.

What is engagement and what does it eat?

Engagement or Engagement Rate (ER) is a relative indicator of the interaction of profile subscribers with the content published in it. And to not count her hands, and track the dynamics of changing ER by day, I recommend using one of the numerous Instagram statistics services, for example LiveDune or Picaton.

There is no proportional relationship between the ER indicator and your potential coverage. That is, I can not now give you a formula from which it will follow that at an ER of 3%, you will get coverage in 30% of the number of your subscribers, and with ER 5% - 50% coverage. No. But the connection can be traced very clearly, and the ER is strongly influenced by the quality of your audience.

The quality of your subscribers and involvement will be one of the mandatory "checkmarks" in the checklist of each smart SMM specialist in Instagram.

Growing value of bloggers

Coverage is falling, advertising is becoming more expensive, ML / MF is dying. Everything sounds very sad and expensive for business, but not everything is so bad. Instagram has become the mecca of all sorts of bloggers and opinion leaders who have already gathered audiences for every taste and color. In fact, all bloggers can be divided into 3 categories: Celestial Majors and Top Pops

Medium. Bloggers of the average hand
Beginner bloggers or comrades who do not even realize themselves that way

The majority of entrepreneurs and marketers, thinking about bloggers, first of all remember the first category and much less often the second, and do not want to think about the third. You think, 10-15 thousand subscribers, it's funny, after all.

At the same time, placement of opinions among such leaders can turn out to be several times more effective at the expense of reaching the target audience, a trustful relationship between the blogger and his subscribers, and at times a lower price for accommodation, which in turn reduces the risks. At the same time, making 10 placements for medium-sized bloggers instead of a single toper, the chances of success look much better. In the first case, you have 10 chances for success, and in the second either the pan, or disappeared.

Collaboration with bloggers is your easy and cheap way to "native advertising", which today is a "trend-trend" and should save marketing from extinction due to Adblock and banner blindness.


2016 was remembered not only by algorithmic tape, but also by the appearance of business profiles in Instagram, allowing you to track statistics on coverage, audience and launch paid promotion directly from the application.

Now the statistics in Instagram became available to almost everyone, and advertisers were able to pay not for air and a large number in front of "Subscribers", but for real coverage of publications and choose bloggers according to the geography of their audience.


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