In Instagram there will be built-in purchases

by Administrator UpSocial

In Instagram, soon there will be a payment function with which you can buy goods and services. The novelty already works for a limited number of users: they need to enter credit card details and add a pincode for additional protection. By integrating with an external application for payment, users can, for example, deposit a deposit for a place in a restaurant.

The ability to make reservations and make pre-orders is valid for a limited number of businesses that have an agreement with Instagram.
Users will not need to leave the application and this means that they will spend more time scrolling the tape in which there is an advertisement. Also, this will increase the number of "impulsive purchases", because the client does not have to go to another website and enter additional data.

Instagram is already a popular place for promotion - many channel authors offer subscribers goods that can be paid using a credit card or various electronic payment systems (for example, Apple Pay). The ability to tie a purchase card to a social network account, in this context, looks like a logical step.


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