YouTube has detected a bug that allows users to cheat views

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YouTube users found a bug that allows you to twist views of videos and display them in the top.

To use the loophole, you need to create a playlist with two videos on YouTube. In the first place you can put any video, and on the second - the video for which you need to wind your views. When embedding a playlist on a site, you can change the code by setting the start time in the first clip to the last second. The autoplay = 1 auto play option is set in the playlist, in which YouTube does not include views. However, because of the bug, this rule applies only to the first video, and viewing the second YouTube already counts.

The resulting playlists are embedded on the sites in the form of invisible frames. There they are played in the background and without sound all the time, while the user remains on the page.

In August, one user has already complained about using this scheme to support YouTube. In it, the author described in detail the principle of the operation of one of the services for creating such frames and listed the negative consequences of their use: creating an irrelevant video collection, inconvenience to users and damage to advertisers.
Google did not respond to our request. The complaint was received in August that the information was transferred to the engineers.

Let's remind, that in July in Google AdWords service the error which allows all interested persons to show advertising banners for free on Google media platforms all over the world has been found out.


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