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How to prepare your video for promotion on YouTube


First of all, the technical requirements for the video:

For placement on YouTube best MP4 format. If you can not save your video in mp4 format, use format AVI, FLV.Title for your movie come up not just "anyhow" - find keywords that match the theme of your video, and apply these keywords in the title, and try to include keywords 2 times! Add a headline and description in English. But remember, the title should not be too long, otherwise it will not all displayed, only the beginning of the title appears.Before uploading to YouTube include in its name keyword, and always in Russian, for example:

How-to promote a channel-to-YouTube.mpeg4
How-to promote a channel-to-YouTube.avi

After uploading the video on YouTube, in the "Video Manager" in the tags specify the keywords, the more the better, but do not overdo it. How do I know when too much already? Watch the video of your competitors, who come in the top 10 for your keyword phrase, how much they have keywords in the tags?Next, is a description for your video. The description should be sufficiently long (search engines love when a lot of content) and should contain your keyword. The longer the description, the better, albeit not be less than 500 symbols and more.

Another feature - use to describe the temporary route. In other words, if there are several subjects can be divided into in your video (for example, the introduction, most importantly, addition, prisoners, etc.), note the time the beginning of each scene (for example, 0:00, 0:45, 2:33, etc. n.), and enter it in the description. For example like this:

0:00 Opening speech
1:30 The first example of how to promote a channel on YouTube
3:45 The second example of how to gain followers on YouTube
5:10 for promotion channel on YouTube Guide
9:55 Conclusion, contact details

YouTube on their own mark up your video in accordance with the timestamps you and they will be clickable! Be sure! - At the outset put a link to your site, blog or anywhere you want to redirect the viewer. I recommend to put a link sure the first line, so that it is constantly visible.

For free promotion mandatory bet at the end of the description of the link to the video itself or to your YouTube channel (you can be one and the other link). And now the most interesting - the promotion tools. In the network there are many such services, but UpSocial You can be assured of quality promotion video.By following these guidelines you will be able to promote your channel on YouTube and quickly gain subscribers.

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