What is promotion in social networks?

Promotion in social networks has become so commonplace that most profiles or pages regularly or partially use a similar service. Unfortunately, it is becoming more difficult to promote a new profile and to achieve more likes or subscribers naturally. Try for example to create a new profile or group in a social network and you will have to wait for the first 1000 subscribers for several months or six months. Even already untwisted channels and groups in social networks support their popularity with additional wrap-ups.

To be noticed on the Internet, you need to have not only some kind of talent or important content that you want to share, but also certain skills for promotion and advertising of pages or a channel in the network. And almost always, not a small budget is required, but there are no guarantees that these funds will pay off and will not be "merged into empty".

Wrapping with our service allows you to save money significantly by adding subscribers, likes and increased views. The cost of cheating is several times less than the budget that would have been spent in advertising agencies or in the promotion of the project on its own. Thanks to such a service, you can realize a good start for the initial development of a project. Depending on the cost and purpose, you can create several strategies for cheating - from the cheap, in order to increase the indicators of counters (scans, likes, etc.), and for very high quality, in which live users for a small amount of money will subscribe to your profile and show this or that activity. Other users will notice that your profile or page is popular and may also show interest in it.

The most effective strategy of promotion by the experience of our specialists is a "combined strategy", in which the profile or group parallel to the natural development with advertising also uses a wrap-around.

Is it safe to cheat in social networks?

The majority of projects on the Internet are used regularly or partially at the initial stage at launch or with its further support, thus increasing the number of likes, views and subscribers. This undoubtedly proves that the danger of artificial twisting of indicators of meters or subscribers is too exaggerated and is almost a myth. Of course, social networks do not favor such methods of promotion of profiles and sometimes even produce cleansing, but with qualitative twisting and the right approach, the maximum that can be expected is the writing off of subscribers, which our service will free of charge restore to the required amount. Blocking of the same profiles is possible only in case of aggressive and low-quality cheating, which is used by some incompetent services of similar services, in which certain speed limits are not observed, for example, 5000 low-quality bots per page in a few hours. Undoubtedly, such impudence will not be ignored by any social network.

Our specialists, who have extensive experience in SMM, have developed their own wrapping strategies, with certain limits and algorithms. We use only live subscribers who perform certain tasks for a monetary reward, with filled photos and showing activity.