ᐈ Instagram Bookmarks

instagram bookmarksSaving photos and videos on Instagram is a relatively new feature that allows users to collect their favorite photos or videos into separate collections. This option can be useful when planning a vacation, an important event and, of course, its contribution to the promotion of goods or services is hardly worth underestimating. Despite the fact that statistics of saved Instagram photos is not available to subscribers, meticulous Instagram algorithms are always on the alert. They carefully analyze: since the publication is so interesting and useful to the audience that it has taken a place in the collection, it's time for it in TOP ratings. Of course, the number of times a post is saved on Instagram is not key when ranking publications, but it has significant weight.

Live users will save your posts to their favorites. Statistics on the save of your photo will be visible in the section of your account (who has a business account connected). If you don't have an Instagram business account connected, you will be able to cheat on Instagram saves, but you won't be able to see statistics.