IGTV (Instagram TV) is a mobile TV platform that includes some elements from YouTube and Snapchat, and combines all this in one place. As you know, Instagram has already competed with Snapchat, stripping their stories, so now it's the turn for YouTube.

One of the main features of IGTV is that when you start the application, you immediately turn on the video. This is really a TV: turn it on and watch, you don't need to look for anything.

For some time, the creators of IGTV will focus on promoting a new format in order to attract as many users as possible. In the future, advertising will appear in IGTV, of course, and video creators will be able to monetize their creations. After all, Instagram seriously set out to compete with YouTube, and without the introduction of monetization for the video, IGTV is unlikely to be able to drag YouTube to his platform.