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youtube viewsEarning on your own YouTube channel attracts not only famous bloggers, but also ordinary users, freelancers. Due to high competition, it is necessary to use different methods of promotion. If you don't have many views and want people to subscribe to your channel, the best option is to buy YouTube views.

What is views promotion?

A key parameter for content success is the number of viewers, who usually focus on the number of views. Between two similar videos, they will choose the one that has more impressions. If there are few likes and subscriptions in the video, users subconsciously begin to perceive the channel as unprofessional, instinctively paying attention first to the ratings.

YouTube video promotion is needed mainly by ordinary users and bloggers to create an additional source of income, as well as entrepreneurs to gain loyalty to their products. It is more difficult for novice authors, because viewers subscribe to popular channels faster. Therefore, for the appearance of popularity and success, it will be more appropriate to wind live views with abstinence from real people.

Quality views are required for:

  • create a popular channel and its presentable image;
  • gaining personal popularity and trust of subscribers;
  • Monetization connectivity options;
  • collaboration with potential sponsors;
  • Successful promotion of goods and services.

What do views give?

A channel with a large number of subscribers, but without views does not bring money. After cheating views, a positive perception of the video is created. Users see that the video has been watched by a large number of people, so the content is reliable and trusted. The more popular a channel is, the more likely it is to subscribe to viewers, and it is much easier to attract a fresh audience, which affects advertisers' offers and the author's future earnings.

When the crowd effect works, there is more trust in the content, after which you can ask other bloggers for mutual PR. When creating new videos, a larger audience is reached, the algorithms of social networks are arranged so that the activity of viewers watching the previous videos is reflected in the new ones.

The more views you get, the higher the channel rating. If the previous videos have gained great popularity, it is more likely that they will also be seen by many viewers. User views also affect the promotion of content and the top trends.

How do I make money on my channel?

There are official affiliate programs where you can earn money for views. For example, AdSense can be used by anyone who earns money, even with low subscriber and click rates. To do this, the channel must follow the rules of YouTube, connected to AdSense, the videos must be unique, the author of the video must live in the country where the partner is available.

Therefore, if you follow all the rules, buying views is often beneficial for the author of the channel. After reaching a certain level, promoted channels start receiving requests from brands for advertising and profitable orders.

15.10.2021, 10:08
Зараз тестую різні сервіси накрутки, тут замовила 100 тис переглядів. Перегляди прийли впродовж тижня, і також трохи більше тисячі лайків. Вже пройшов місяць, списань не було, тому і далі буду замовляти тут.
28.09.2021, 12:44
Накрутили с запасом и без списаний
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